King Cow

King Cow

Hello Humans!
After we observed the character of the Kindcow users, we know that there are still many people who do not understand the true concept of Kindcow. Kindcow with the main token $KIND has this following characters:

$KIND is created to give rewards for farming and staking at
The rewards comes from the mining of new token on each BSC block.
In each block mined 1.1 $ KIND, it can be simplified as follows

1 Block BSC = 1.1 $KIND
1 Day = ~ 32K $KIND
1 Month = ~ 960K $KIND

Yes, it is true!
Every month the total supply of $KIND increases, but Kindcow has the Vote and Burn concept, and it will reduce supply, so there is a slowdown inflation.

With the continued increase in supply, some users don't dare to hold on to kind, because not all users understand the concepts of farming and staking.

For this reason, Kindcow presents a token with a limited supply
Let me introduce

Token name: King Cow
Symbol: COW
Supply: 10,000 COW
Contract: 0x5FF2716Cd0f704F04984dCcB584a9da5b23584Be
COW supply is Fixed!.
It does not increase and reduce!

How to get the King Cow
COW is distributed by BURNING 200 KIND to get 1 COW.
This means that it requires to burn 2,000,000 KIND to distribute all 10,000 COW.
Once 10,000 COW is distributed, there is no other way to get COW , and it only can be purchased at market.

For those who want to convert KIND to COW, you can click the button below
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